The importance of being Ronnie

Good evening chaps! It is extremely busy around the Holt at the moment, I might even go so far as to say it is buzzing! As well as all of the fantastic research, the preparations are well underway for our midwinter celebrations! Otters are secular creatures so don’t celebrate that human thing, Christmas I believe it is called. I had a chat with the department of Human Studies about it some sort of hybrid religio-commercial ritual I understand. Well, for any humans reading this, we otters prefer to celebrate the cycles of nature. We are living much closer to them you see! However, the basic celebrations share a lot of similarities. We eat, and decorate things and spend time with family and the like. There are also a lot of parties, the Holt Party for all of the UK Raft has quite a reputation for shenanigans!

Anyway, enough of that for now, I have been reading some more of young Simon’s fascinating report on the prophecy. I’ve said it before, but that otter has a lot of thoughts. Good thing too, we are going to need these thoughts if we are going to get to the bottom of this! I am going to share some more of his most interesting observations with you all.

Otterman Prophecy – Report 1 Initial thoughts

The otters of the world are just leaving

This is an extremely ambiguous statement. Could it mean space travel? Otters leaving earth and going…exploring space? Probably doesn’t mean that all of the otters are leaving. Possibly a world otter convention, the international otters going home after the talks, or leaving to go on an expedition. possibly world otter volunteers have been chosen to do something of great importance. Maybe something with the otters of time and the dragon.

The Otters of the Apocalypse

This is both worrying and extremely interesting. In otter mythology there are 5 Otters of the Apocalypse: Otter Death, Otter Famine, Otter Pestilence, Otter War and Ronnie Otter. Not much is known about Ronnie Otter, he left the collective before they got infamous. Are the otters mentioned in the prophecy these otters, or are they another group acting on the same name. The implications of payment for these otters is quite worrying. Is there a group of mercenary otters attempting to start apocalypses for profit? Was the person writing the prophecy in league with Otters of the Apocalypse, but then switched allegiance claiming they mean nothing to them. Are they the cause of the otters of the world leaving to do whatever they do? How are they linked to the otters of time? adversaries or allies?

What did I tell you gripping stuff! I am quite concerned about this apocalypse business. I remember learning about the 5 Otters of the Apocalypse at school, they seemed like nefarious fellows!

Before I sign off I want to share some good news, to counteract this apocalypse stuff. My sister Linda has sent me a lovely picture of my nephew Lucas. He is a very fine young kitten who started at the Primary School for Gifted Otters this year. He is quite keen on the Cedrics I am told!

Lucas Longwhiskers

10 thoughts on “The importance of being Ronnie

  1. One can never have enough shenanigans! Though I am intrigued by the otters of the apocalypse; do they ride steeds like their human counterparts? or do they manage to get quite the lick on apocalypsing on their own four limbs? And Ronnie Otter sounds just the sort to break from a group and start his own Machiavellian machinations! Possibly involving moles…just saying…

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    1. They prefer their own four paws, no steeds they tried could keep up when they needed to swim…
      Ronnie is just that sort tbh… if moles were to be sent into the Holt, Ronnie would be just the sort to be reviving the reports…
      not saying that is what is going to happen of course…


  2. Ronnie Otter sounds like quite an interesting fellow. I wonder why he left the Otters of the Apocalypse? Was it because he was anti-apocalypse? Or maybe he was a hard-line apocalypse advocate and the other otters were just not radical enough. Either way, it’s a worry. What a delightful picture of young Lucas! A superb fellow in a very fine hat. Tell him to give my best to the Cedrics. Oh, and tell Simon to keep up the good work!

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