Notices from the future…

Good morning dear fellows!

I have some marvellous items to share with you today! In Peter and Zsofia’s hasty return from the future they managed to grab some fascinating material from the common room notice board, I believe I may have mentioned it. Well, this material is currently being given and extremely thorough looking at by Simon and Seska in the Translation team. The are extremely talented at giving things a good hard looking at, and wrangling the information into a form that makes some sense I can tell you! Debbie Shorttail has also got in on the act, her specialty is history, but she is adamant that this information is history waiting to happen..or some such thing.

I was down there with them for a while, it is fascinating stuff…I wrote some of it in the future I believe. Or will write it, or something. Anyway they are an excitable bunch of young otters and the discussions were getting very in depth so I left them to it and went in search of Peter and Zsofia to get their opinions. Before I left I took a few snaps of some of the notices so I thought you might like to see them.

Hotter Otter Speed Dating Extravaganza

This sounds like it could be quite splendid, extravagant speed dating can be quite the thing for an otter on the look out for company you know!

Fast Paws Runners Club

Oh good, we need fast otters on land as well as in the water, can’t have too much running about and snacks I say!

Swim and Social

This sounds ideal too, a bit of a relaxing swim does wonders for an otters constitution.

Important Announcement From Lutra Longwhiskers

I am extremely pleased to see that I am still in charge here in the future! This curfew business is concerning mind you and I am not too familiar with the Otter Intelligence Agency. There are stories of course but I thought them to be myths, scare stories for otter kittens and the like. Intriguing stuff it really is! I am sure the analysis fellows will make sense of it all!

The social notices are extremely good to see. Whatever these fellows at the OIA are up to, we at the Holt will carry on with our lives!!

14 thoughts on “Notices from the future…

  1. I don’t like the sound of these large armed otters! Perhaps send them to the speed dating event to distract them from whatever it is they might be up to! Thank goodness Lutra is still in charge. This offers some comfort, at least.

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    1. They are worrying indeed!!
      I imagine that is the very purpose of the speed dating event… lure them in and get information out of them while distracted! Some sort it hotter otter fatale scenario!
      As you say at least Lutra is in charge, we can all be assured of good snacks!!

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    1. It is unclear from the information we gathered how large the arms are or if they are large otter with arms, or guns… or whether Lutra missed a comma…which may indicate duress if some sort…possibly from the OIA


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